Monday, May 27, 2013


It has been a few weeks since I have updated this blog.  I wish I could blame it on poor Internet access, or absolute busyness even abducion by island pirates.  Although some of those things have played a small part in my radio silence, for the most part it has been because it has felt so good to stay away from connection to the Internet for a short while.  I know that the Internet and Internet devices will always play a big part in all of our lives, (unless, of course, the impending zombie apocalypse does come sooner that expected) it just feels good to remove yourself from those things every once in a blue moon.

I have come a long way.  After Montezuma I spent the night in a shabbly motel in Rivas.  Everything about it was haphazard and dingy but I did get to watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in Spanish. Following Rivas were many community busses all the way up into Nicaragua.  I probably wouldn't have made it had I not met a girl from Argentina that was traveling the same way.  More and more I realize how beneficial it would have been to learn much more Spanish before coming to Central America because I had to lean heavily on my newly found Spanish speaking friend.  Valentine and I both made it across the border and soon found ourselves on a ferry to Isla de Ometepe.  Now the funny thing about the word ferry is, is that when people hear the word "ferry" it brings to mind many different images.  The last image I would have ever imagined was the one that would have accurately represented the vessel that we traveled on.  This sucker was a beauty.  Complete with an engine and a bottom this boat had just about everything anyone would need including: vintage school bus seats nailed to the floor, open sides to let water in and out with ease and many seasick patrons.  It would have been absolutely horrible if I didn't have someone to share it with.  Once we were happily off the S.S. Windy Barf Ometepe awaited us.  

Ometepe is A beautiful place.  It it an island in the middle of Nicaragua's gigantic fresh water lake 
that was formed by the growth of two volcanoes right next to each other.  Most people come to Ometepe to hike to the top of the volcanoes but unfortunately I was unable to do so.  I spent a couple of days hanging out with Valentine and her friend Ayelen driving around the island on motorcycles 
hopping in and out of natural fresh water pools and just taking in the comfortable slow pace of the island. By then end of my stay I didn't want to leave... But I did.  Leaving Ometepe was tough but just like everything else here, it was only meant to be enjoyed for a time.  When that time is up all you can do is leave and keep pieces of that place secure in your mind to be enjoyed as a memory for the rest of your life.

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