Thursday, June 9, 2011

Joffery, not Jeffery

I dedicate this post solely to one slammin' cool cat in Lompoc named Joffery.  (Not Jeffery)  Just as I was about to have the worst day ever I met Mr. Joffery and he showed me something like what I would image southern hospitality would look like.  We met in the town's bike shop, both with our own bike problems, and after a short conversation I asked if I could pitch my tent in his yard for the night.  It was getting later and after the day I had there was no way I was getting on my bike and riding the hill out of Jompoc.  Joffery one-upped me not only by letting me stay inside his house, but also by driving me around town and buying my one of the best burritos I've ever had the pleasure of introducing to my taste buds.  (Angela's in Jompoc... find it, it' worth it.)  We ended the night by sharing Maxwell house coffee.  It's ok, he doesn't really drink coffee so it was all he had in his house but we made it decent by throwing some kahula in it.  That night I slept on his fold out couch bed and we bid each other adieu early wednesday morning July 8th, which coincidentally is Joffery's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOFFERY!
    If the birds don't worry about where they're going to eat or sleep then why should I.  I believe that Joffery and I were put together at that moment to prove this very thing.  I'm amazed.  It seemed to be more that simple coincidence.  Thank you so much Joffery I hope to meet you again some day.

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