Tuesday, June 14, 2011

THE VERVE!!!/Santa Cruz

After a casual 50 mile ride from Caramel Heights, with knees blazing, I pulled into a nice site in Santa Cruz called New Brighton.  It was a relief because this had been my seventh day of riding and my body was really starting to feel it.  Santa Cruz would be my home for a day.  Nothing really amazing happened that night.  I did go to a cafe called Aptos Roasting Company, and even though they served me a pour over cup of coffee, it was served without care and it ended up tasting unremarkable.  Still it gave me an excuse to grab some WiFi so after a couple minutes and a few conversations with some locals I packed it up and went back to New Brighton to rest and get ready for my day off.  A couple of riders from San Francisco were there when I got back named Jo and Mike.  (So many Mike... So many Jo...)  Some cool guys just having a quick riding adventure.
    The next morning was Sunday, June 12 so I found a church to attend called Coastlands Aptos Foursquare Church.  It was really great attending a service for the morning.  The people we're really welcoming and I ended meeting a couple "couples" that offered me a place to stay on my return trip.  Thank you Natalie/Rob and Rudy/Carissa.  I hope to see you in a few months.

      After the service was over it was time... time for the VERVE!!! YEAAAAAA!!!  Little did I know that nestled within the downtown of Santa Cruz was a place that would change my life forever.  Well, maybe it wasn't that paradigm shifting but it truly was an amazing coffee experience.  After an espresso, macchiato, Assuvium/Guatemala drip and a latte I felt knocked off my feat.  Partly because I haven't consumed that much coffee for a good two weeks, but mostly because it all tasted amazing.  The single origin espresso from Costa Rica couldn't have been sweeter and every milk drink was creamy and delicious.  I almost sent my latte back though.  I thought there could have been one more rosetta in it... there was only five of them.  As I was leaving, the barista Stacie gave me some good tips on some more amazing spots that I hadn't heard of in San Francisco and I walked out of that shop in complete coffee bliss.  Being away from good coffee for a couple weeks made me forget that coffee could taste like that.  (Sigh.)

     The afternoon was a little frustrating because I unexpectedly learned that you can't stay in New Brighton two nights in a row.  (I would like to write a strongly worded letter to whomever decided that that should be a rule.)  So I had to back track about 9 miles to a park called Manresa.  Kind of a bummer because it put be back about a hour for the next day.  It was still a nice place and I got to bed early because I was hoping to start early make it to San Francisco the next day which is a good 90 miles away.  When I woke up there was a biker named Jonathan that had come in a little later so we had a quick conversation about what each of us were doing, swapped a banana for a cliff bar and said goodbye.  As I was pulling away he said, "The road is yours Beau."  Which, I think, is the most epic thing one rider can say to another.  I'm taking that one John.  So to all you touring riders out there.  The road is yours!  (Trade Mark: Beau Trembly)


  1. Two things....it took you an hour to ride 9 miles? And two, how is the Shakeology going?

  2. Beau, hello, I work with your father, he told me of your adventure. I think it is awesome, good luck and I enjoy the stories.

  3. Beau,

    Your dad is my boss! Please keep sharing your trip, it is just amazing.

    I hope you share your music with all the new people you meet!

  4. This is incredible!!! Beau this has to be one of the most epic stories Ive ever read! Thanks for sharing!